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Exceeding expectations, building a clear global picture and respecting my clients' strategic environment are the goals that I strive to achieve in the projects in which Agilia Solutions participates.

Collaboration, whether it is with our consultants, clients, or partners, is my primary driver. I strongly believe that success relies on communication. It is as a team that goals are achieved and as a team that we are can accurately lead our clients toward their performance objectives!

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Since the foundation of Agilia, the team’s well-being guides our every decision. Growing an organization where teamwork and collaboration is not only encouraged but prioritized has always been our goal. This environment has contributed to the achievement of concrete results for our organization as well as for our team’s personal growth. It also facilitates innovation and allows us to propose business solutions that better meet the needs of our customers.

For me, success is measured by a happy team and a satisfied customer. Listening, integrity, respect, and transparency are the essential ingredients of this success.

Building as a team in partnership with our clients is the source of our success.



My two decades of experience in IT have taught me one thing: Issues that appear more important than they truly are can distract from the essential.

My eight years as a manager in a consulting firm and as a consultant have led me to deeply believe that, when we focus on the primary objective and work toward it as a team, we can attain amazing results.

For me, Agilia Solutions is the fulfillment of a profound desire to offer our clients and our team a simple but effective and, most importantly, realistic approach.

I am strongly committed to the possibility of reinventing the consulting world to offer integrated solutions aligned with the clients’ business needs.

In collaboration with my team at Agilia, establishing a synergy that stimulates each member is mission-critical.

My goal is to promote and nurture our company’s project for many years to come. I hope to have the pleasure of collaborating on projects with you and building relationships grounded in common sense!



Action-oriented, supported by a team working collaboratively around a clear objective and common vision, I truly believe that the best results are attainable.

In addition, the technology available today, when used well and innovatively, makes it possible to push the envelope.

Together, in this world of endless possibilities, we can help our clients realize their goals while allowing each team member to grow professionally!

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