Project Management

Project Management

Tailored project management that delivers the expected results based on market best practices.

Agilia Solutions offers a range of project management services. Their structured, simple and adaptive approach is invaluable to allow you meet your objectives. Projects are delivered according to the context, time, scope, anticipated costs and expected quality, ensuring for the best, tailored experience available.

For us, good project management practices means adapting to the organizational context of clients. In other word, the culture, methods, and the project management experience of an organization must be considered.

Our approach identifies key elements that must be part of sound project management and in line with industry best practices:

  • Apply practices and techniques appropriate to the project context such as those provided by the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), the Project Management Institute (PMI), SCRUM (Agile), and more.
  • Integrating the Organization – Strategy, culture, business objectives, team and methodology.
  • Manage organizational impacts, resources, technology, etc.
  • Create a working environment where project communications and governance are understood by all stakeholders.
  • Maintain the balance of the three management axis: Costs, schedule and scope in each phase of the project
  • Establish the necessary performance measures for a project.
  • Manage critical possibilities and implement compensatory and corrective measures.
  • Identify and manage the risks with the team while implementing necessary mitigation plans
  • Control all financial elements of the project: hardware, software, resources, external firms.
  • Ensure transparent communication between project stakeholders.

Our team of project managers differentiates itself by tailoring traditional and Agile approaches to a follow-up context.

Agilia Solutions: a trusted partner in managing your strategic projects!